Hedgeplants are suitable as borders in your garden. This will provide more privacy. Hedgeplants are generally very compact, which ensures that no one can see through them. In addition, there are also hardy hedgeplants, which provide privacy even in winter.  There are various hedge plants. For example, there is the yew, which grows very slowly but is very long-lived. There are also fast-growing hedgeplants, such as the leylandii. This hedge plant can grow up to one meter per year. When choosing a hedge plant, it is important to consider how high the plant will eventually grow. A fast-growing hedge plant is not always the best choice, because it can quickly become too high.

For the hedgeplants to remain compact, it is important that they are pruned regularly. Pruning stimulates the plants to grow better again.  In principle, you can prune the plants as often as you want, but it is best to do this at least once a year. If you want to create a very compact hedge, you can prune the plants twice a year. When pruning, always remove the oldest branches first. This ensures that the hedge remains bushy.

If you want to plant a hedge, it is best to do this in the autumn. This is because the plants can then take root before the winter sets in. If you plant in spring, the plants will have less time to take root properly before the summer heat sets in. As a result, the plants will be more stressed and may even die.

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